The Editing Experience

Working with a private photo editor is a very personal experience, and maybe a little scary too! When I bring on new clients, I consider myself part of YOUR team – I love working with you to achieve a cohesive brand and style that you love and that your clients love too.

Many photographers want to create a better experience for their clients by outsourcing their weddings and portraits to create more time doing the things that they love in their business! Usually, editing is not on the list of things they love to do!

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- Culling

- Preset application

- Temperature and tint

- Exposure and contrast

- Sharpen, noise, grain

- Highlights and whites

- Shadows and blacks

- Saturation and vibrance

- Cropping and straightening


While I'm culling, I NEVER delete an image. I go through your gallery and select all the chosen images by flagging them. Then I send the entire gallery back to you. This way you can easily filter my flagged images and add or remove images as you please.

Getting Started

  • send the desired preset(s) to be used on galleries to
  • discuss any editing styles or rule of thumbs used when editing currently.

Sending the Gallery

  • The photographer will upload the gallery photos into Lightroom.
  • Edit at least three images in the gallery as examples to me with what they want the gallery to emulate.
  • Export that gallery as it’s own catalog with the smart previews.
  • Then compress the Lightroom catalog folder and upload that into the Google Drive Folder I provided in the welcome email.

Returning the Gallery

  • once the gallery is received I will edit the images.
  • re-upload the completed gallery into the google drive folder unless the photographer would like to provide me with the online gallery login they use. then I can upload them directly into your system.
  • turnaround is within 5-7 days after receiving the gallery.